Thursday, November 18, 2010

You Know What Movie I Totally Unironically Love?

Okay, so, I tend to lose points in many people's books because I don't really separate my guilty pleasures from my non-guilty pleasures. Quite frankly, I think my guilty pleasures tend to be more fun than my non-guilty pleasures anyway, so what's the point of pretending?

A few months ago, a couple friends and I watched Jennifer's Body, with the lovely and nuanced Megan Fox and that broad from Mean Girls who looks like she has Down's Syndrome who is now some kind of a legitimate romcom leading actress for some reason.

I love it. I love that movie. Part of the reason is that it was written by Diablo Cody, who I have a massive, massive girl-crush on. People criticize her writing style for being completely ridiculous and unrealistic, but I love her satirical, tongue-in-cheek style. It's film, people. Let's not sit here and say that Eraserhead was supposed to be some kind of documentary.

One of the reasons that I love it is the soundtrack. It's exactly the kind of angsty, whiny, chick-rock I love. Not Cranberries style. More like Hole, which is actually featured on the soundtrack. Yes, yes, I know, Courtney Love sucks and is trashy, I understand. What if I like things that suck and are trashy?

Because I do. I really do. Things that suck and are trashy are pretty much my favorite. That's why I'm such a Tyra Banks fan.

But I digress. Jennifer's Body. Megan Fox plays a chick who gets possessed after a rock band, with frontman Adam Brody of the OC, tries to sacrifice her to Satan in return for making it big. After that, she has to demonically eat people every so often, there's lesbian subtext, and that Down's Syndrom-ey girl eventually kills Megan Fox and goes to some kind of psych ward, and then breaks out to murder the entire band. The END!

It's excellent. And by excellent, I obviously mean ridiculously trashy, which to me is the same as excellent.

Things I Learned:
- I totally finally got where everyone was coming from when they were freaking out about how hot Megan Fox is.
- Her fingernails start growing right at the tops of her fingers, and it is SO WEIRD. It's really weird.
- I'm listening to Cher right now, and she's so awesome. Who's excited for Burlesque? I know I am!
- That one girl really looks like she's slow in the head. Why does she keep getting cast as a romantic lead?

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