Wednesday, November 17, 2010

X-Mas Cheer

In what may be a terrible shock to some people, I really like Christmas. It's alright, be surprised. It surprises me too, when I think about it.

I don't especially think it's necessary for people to be listening to Christmas music pre-Thanksgiving, but it's a free country. People can do what they want, even if what they want is kind of obnoxious. I get the appeal in stretching out the experience for as long as possible.

Nate and I finished our Christmas shopping last night. Well, pretty much. This morning, I remembered that there was a member of the family that we'd forgotten, so whoopsies there. In my defense, this person has only been a member of my family for a couple months, and I'm purchasing twice the number of presents I normally do. Maybe more than that; Zack and I teamed up and got joint presents for everyone most years, and more often than not, we gave Spencer and Elijah something to share. I don't know what Nate's excuse is, this person has been a member of his family for way longer than that.  Fortunately, there's more than a month until Christmas, so I'm sure we'll figure something out.

Of course, this morning was also the morning that his mother sent out a list of suggestions of things to get for everyone. Had it happened earlier, or we had started gift-buying later, we probably wouldn't have ignored it. As it is, everyone is getting what we already got them and they're going to like it. Or, at least, they'll pretend to like it until we leave, at which point they can say disparaging things behind our backs. But, for the most part, they're THEME gifts. Theme gifts, people, and everything we got was either useful, pretty, or delicious. And we didn't get anyone giant cutlery, and let me tell you, we seriously considered it. We found a spoon that was three feet long at Pier 1 Imports. It had a corresponding fork, as well. That one was nixed because a giant fork could be potentially dangerous, but we considered the giant spoon for a good while before it turned out to be seventy dollars.

It's not that we don't like our family members seventy dollars worth, it's that we in no way have seventy dollars times fifteen or so people, and if we got somebody that we aren't married to a huge expensive gift, we'd have to get huge expensive gifts for everybody.

I still have to figure out a gift for Nate. I got him pretty awesome gift for his birthday in October, but it was like the one thing I had on a list of gift ideas for him. Except for carbonite soap. It's a little bar of soap that looks like carbonite and has a tiny Han Solo action figure inside. I strongly suspect that he would probably like something like that. But I also have no idea what he's getting me, and I don't want to get him something really small and simple, and for him to get me something big, or vice versa. Not because it would effect the dynamic of our relationship, but we're going to be opening our gifts in front of our family members and we don't want them making...inferences.

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  1. I think he would like that soap. Speaking of which, I bought Wil some soap that has caffeine in it as a stocking stuffer. I bought it online at, which I think would have a lot of gifts Nate would like. Actually, it has a lot of gifts you would like too. That website is amazing.