Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Catalog Fever

So, I guess I should probably never complain that my boss isn't giving me enough work ever again.

She e-mailed me yesterday at around 12:30 and asked if I could start a special project. I then spent the next seven straight hours cataloging over three hundred scripts. Then I spent another four hours this morning, and I'll probably be starting up again in the semi-near future.

On the plus side, if it gets done by Monday, I get a bonus. And Heaven knows that I like bonuses. I don't think I've ever gotten a bonus before. You don't get bonuses for hostessing, and you definitely don't get bonuses in retail. Or, at least, I never did, and I always worked really hard. I frequently got asked to work extra hours and pick up extra shifts and stay late if someone from the evening shift called out, but the closest I ever got to a bonus was a box of whoppers.

Not that I didn't appreciate the whoppers, but I'm really excited about maybe getting a bonus. So that'll be fun.

Not so fun is the hours and hours and hours of work I'm going to be logging until Monday. Fortunately, for this particular project I'm getting paid by the hour, so even that has it's upside. Usually I get paid by the script, but I'm not writing scripts, I'm cataloging.

On the plus side, Nate and I are watching Lord of the Rings this afternoon. Nate decided that I needed a break, so here we are. Also, I'm waiting for my boss to get back to me about the next thing I'm supposed to be cataloging.

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  1. I would just like to clarify that taking a break was my idea. Watching The Two Towers was Cassie's idea. Also, I have the awesomest wife ever.